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Change is the new constant! We are living in a smart world where communication techniques remove all boundaries. We're an agency for the digital world. Technology is our enabler. It's our collective accelerator. As technology moves, so do we. Developing new generation technologies provide fast communication in this digital era. In the meantime Social Media touches every part of our lives. How we find all solutions for socializing the business under one roof as breathing with technology in this time for a change? IBM Social Business offers that opportunity.

Social Business is not limited to a firm that has Facebook page or Twitter account. It is an organization whose systems encourage networks of people to create business value.Social Business forms collaboration in all relationships both inside and outside of the establishment of cooperation. Social Business also offers a community spirit which also addresses to adopting business identity. It aims to provide connecting with the most efficient and effective methods of communication among all those people including customers, employees and business partners. Companies that use Social Business, provide connection between individuals. This extraordinary opportunity offers individual contents by having conversation and sharing rapidly knowledge and information.

Social Business Patterns represents the concept of group activities that similar to business processes; all of them are repeatable and create well proven value. Social Business delivers real time information and provides to get the right information from the right person at the right time by removing all boundaries. Social Business Patterns are reinventing client engagement, knowledge sharing and innovatıon, finding expertise, recruiting and onboardıng, workplace safety, mergers and acquisitions.

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