Social Business

A social business is an organization that can bring group of people together to create business value.

Social Business

Social Business offers game - changing benefits.

It provides a opportunity to reinvent the way people work together.

What is Social Business?

Social Business is not social media. And yet it applies technologies and processes of social media to core business functions.

A social business is an organization that can bring group of people together to create business value. Social businesses encourage connections and conversations, by sharing knowledge, information and ideas. In addition to their conventional structured data, social content from inside and outside sources is also added to the knowledge mix to gain insight.

Social businesses can enjoy faster executions, more informed decisions and more engaged customers. By utilizing a more efficient information flow, they can operate at lower costs and increase their speed-to-market. This is key in increasing profitability.

Benefits in Being a Social Business

  • Increase in information flow, shared knowledge
  • Creation of a more engaged, effective team.
  • Faster identification of critical issues and addressing them faster due to faster flow of information.
  • Ability to address individuals and build advocacy at every touch point.
  • Creating a better support of experts for sales team
  • Creating a better support of sales teams for customers and stronger relationships between sales force and customers.
  • Ability to engage customers in dynamic, personalized, new experiences and keep them coming back.
  • Creating a better customer service environment in form of dedicated communities and self service groups.
  • Easier listening and analyzing of customer feedback to understand emerging issues.
  • Improves productivity by tapping into the collective intelligence inside and outside the organization.

You can see "The Six Social Business Patterns" which help companies to achieve benefit with Social Business on socialbusiness.luckyeye.com

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